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Post by Amanda Middleton on Tue Mar 26, 2019 6:26 pm

1.Think back through your week. What evidence of total depravity have you experienced? What evidence of the doctrine that humanity is created in the
image of God?

This weekend was Quals at IU which is a big party weekend for fraternities and sororities. When I went, there were lots of girls wearing immodest clothing and lots of people drunk and just being crude in general. None of these people were seeking God. They were seeking after something, but it wasn't God. I also think that the fact that everyday there are moments that I choose not to worship God is evidence of total depravity. Sometimes as a human I refuse to see that God has a hand in everything and I choose not to glorify him in different times throughout my day.
Recently there was a situation in my community where one of the guys was having a really difficult time this weekend, and two of his friends stayed up until 5 in the morning looking for him and talking with him. They couldn't have loved him in the sacrificial way that they did if they weren't created in the image of God.

2.What sets humanity apart from the animal world?
Biologically speaking, our lives are so much more complex than animal lives. We have the ability to create technology and comprehend things that animals don't even realize exist.
But more than human mental capacities, there is something else that sets us apart from animals. God made us in the image of himself. We were made to glorify God. We were made to be in relationship with God. We have souls.
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