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Post by Alicia.O. on Wed Mar 27, 2019 4:35 am

1.Think back through your week. What evidence of total depravity have you experienced? What evidence of the doctrine that humanity is created in the image of God?

I experienced evidence to total depravity on the weeks leading up to spring break and then over spring break saw how we are made in the image of God. Over spring break Matt and I lead a team of 18 IU students to Lima, Peru. Leading up to the trip I wasn't thrilled about the team. Girls seemed to be more interested in not being able to wear leggings or shorts than the people we'd be serving in Peru. The guys on the trip were always missing meetings turning things in late. I felt like a week with them would feel like a lifetime and I wasn't willing to show them patience or grace.

Something changed in Peru, our eyes were fixed on God and building His Kingdom. We loved each other so well and truly became a family. In our free time we'd want to be spending it having conversation about God or hearing one another's life stories. We learned to depend on God for our "daily bread". We experienced visions, prophesy, healings, and baptisms in water and the spirit. God was on the move in such a big way and it wasn't because there was something special about Lima, Peru or anyone their, but just that fact that our eyes were fixed on God which allowed us to believe we are made in His image and we recognized apart from Him we can do nothing.

2.What sets humanity apart from the animal world?

Humans being made in the image of God is a truth that leads us to many different ways we are set apart from the animal world. Being made in God's image means we have the choice of salvation, real relationship with God, the Holy Spirit can dwell in us and perform miraculous things through us. We have advanced thinking and understand a lot that no other species does. We are way more interested in the animal world than they are us, to the point of letting certain animals life in our homes. God gave man dominion over the animal world and we've failed to well take care of them to say the least. There's so many things we do as humans that no other species even comes close to being like. Whether one believes in God or not it's obvious to see we have been well set apart from the animal world.

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