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Homework for Feb 27 LP Empty Homework for Feb 27 LP

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Part 1: Complete by February 20

Bible (Tim)

  • Read chapter 6 of How to Read the Bible for All its Worth.
  • Read chapter 4 of Scripture and the Authority of God.

Theology (Josh)

  • Print out and complete the scripture worksheet, "The Holy Spirit." https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cZmGesUFcdvbdCansBn7nOUBryoMTmei
  • Read Evangelical Theology, 610-48.
  • Read the article by Gordon Anderson, "Baptism in the Spirit." http://enrichmentjournal.ag.org/200501/200501_071_BaptismHS.cfm
  • Create a new post in the forum and answer two discussion points. Clearly indicate which questions you are responding to in your post. Your response to each question should be between 150-250 words.
  • 1.What do you think was Bird’s strongest point in his explanation of “baptism in the Spirit”? What was Anderson’s strongest point?
  • 2.Select a question from page 648 and write a response.

Part 2: Complete by February 27

Bible (Tim)

  • Fill out the interpretation flow chart.
  • Read the following passages: Acts 1:6-8; Acts 10
  • For each passage, write down your observations on what can be learned about the following four areas:
    1. Attributes of God – what is God like?
    2. The Gospel of God – how does this connect to the story of the gospel?
    3. The Son of God – how is Jesus revealed? Evidence of foreshadowing or unveiling?
    4. The People of God – what does this speak to us?
  • Answer the question: "What is the Kingdom"?

Theology (Josh)

  • Read Turning Points, chapters 8 and 9.
  • Fill out the History Journals for these chapters. Keep your completed journals in your theology folder.
  • Respond to at least one other person’s post in the forum. Your response should be between 100-150 words.
  • Think of one question you’d like to discuss at the learning party and post it on the question thread in the forum.

Communication (Jesse)

  • Prepare a five-minute window that you would give at a local church to present Chi
    Alpha as a ministry and to convince people to support you.

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