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Post by cjgalyen on Wed Jan 09, 2019 1:05 am

1. One model of atonement that I haven't used is the recapitulation method. This is the model that demonstrates that God's purpose was to sum up all things in Christ. The book says that this model originated with Irenaeus as he describes the salvation story as "consisting of fallen human beings being removed from the corruption of the first Adam and becoming partakers of the salvation of the second Adam". It is contrasting Adam's fallen nature that in turn created a humanity of disobedience and death with Jesus's holy nature that in turn created a humanity of obedience and life. I don't think I have ever made the comparison of Jesus and Adam's lives as a contrast of what is death-giving and what is life-giving. I think this is a good model to explain the immorality that exists in the world and how Jesus defeated sin at the cross. One thing that Bird mentions that is tricky with this model is the necessity of the Cross. That was it necessary for Jesus to die on the cross if He was an example of a holy and obedient life? I think one way to demonstrate how the cross is necessary in this model is to go back to the true obedience that Jesus demonstrated through His death on the cross. That it was the ultimate sacrifice to God for our atonement. I think this is really good in a college setting for new believers and people who are coming to know Jesus better, but maybe not as a sidewalk evangelist model. First, the person needs to understand who Adam is and the depth of the Fall, and then that can be contrasted with Jesus' sacrifice. Second, I think that this is a good model for showing the weight of sin and life outside of Jesus and how God came down to destroy that and undo the mistake that Adam made through His disobedience.

2. The question I chose was "Describe the necessity of the resurrection for salvation". Bird goes into multiple points as he talks about the resurrection. First, he states that the resurrection is a revelation of Jesus' identity and it marks the beginning of the future age. The resurrection signified (in an incredible way) that Jesus is in fact the Son of God. That every teaching, every prophecy, every statement out of Jesus' mouth was (and still remains) divine and true. That we are to worship and honor and (greatest of all) put our faith and trust in Him. That there is a new Age (the Kingdom of God) that is here and not yet at the same time. It's a beautiful thing. The second thing that Bird mentions is that the resurrection constitutes the inauguration of the new creation. That God's new rule and reign is here and that creation will forever be changed. It is a two-fold promise that we will be with God here on Earth now because of the Holy Spirit and once we die, and that there is a future age that God will rule and reign over all of the world and that Heaven and Earth will be unified in His Kingdom. Lastly, the resurrection is the objective grounds of salvation. We are saved by, in, and through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Bird then goes on to say a profound statement: "God executes his verdict of condemnation against sin on the cross and then he issues another verdict of justification in the resurrection". WOW! Mic drop.

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