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Post by Marie Hugershoff on Mon Nov 19, 2018 8:35 pm

1.Share your summary of the epistle's contribution to eschatology.

I chose to look at the eschatological contribution of 2 Peter. In this letter, Peter is writing to his audience about the Lords return. In the first chapter he writes about how people should be living their lives, in preparation for heaven. He explains how we have been granted entry into the eternal kingdom, as long as we live our lives based off of our knowledge of what Christ has done for us. In chapter 2 Peter warns about false teachings, and final judgment. He refers to the fallen angels, the destruction of the earth through the flood and the story of Sodom and Gomorrah to explain what happens to ungodly people, and how God will rescue the godly people. Chapter 3 has the most to contribute to eschatology out of the 3 chapters of 2 Peter. In chapter 3 Peter talks about how a sign that the day of the Lord is near, is that there will be scoffers questioning if the final days will come. Something that I found interesting and had never thought of before was what Peter says in verse 9, he says that God is not being slow to bring the end times, he is being patient. Because he doesn’t want to destroy everyone, he wants them to repent so they can be saved. With this knowledge there is eagerness to live Godly lives, because as Peter says, you won’t be able to see the end coming, but when it does come there will be destruction for everyone that is ungodly, and great reward for everyone that is living a Godly life.

2. Explain how the kingdom is both a present experience and a future hope? What do we already have and what do we still hope for?

There is scriptural evidence for the kingdom being both present and future. Luke 17:20-21 states that the kingdom is here because if Jesus, but in Luke 19 Jesus tells a parable about how the Kingdom is not coming yet, in the way that people thought it would. I think the best way to describe it is that the kingdom is here for Christians to experience but will not be fully revealed until Jesus comes again. The fulfillment of the kingdom came with Jesus on the cross, because now we can be in relationship with God. We can experience forgiveness of our sins, healing from brokenness and we can experience joy and righteousness. But the kingdom has not fully been revealed yet, because when that day comes there will be a final judgment and we have hope in knowing that there will be a final victory over Satan.
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