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Post by S.h.ave on Thu Oct 18, 2018 5:02 am

1.Can someone be a sincere Christian and believe in evolution?

Although it is not an ideology that I espouse, I think that it is possible for a sincere Christian to believe in evolution. However, in order to reach such a conclusion, several stances must be taken. First, God alone could cause evolution; no natural forces can cause macroevolution. The Creator God would not allow His good creation to change from one form to another unless it accomplished His good purpose. Thus, it remains that should any step in evolution occur, the Creator God must have caused it. This is evidenced by the fact that humans, for example, have several organs necessary for life, and they each work together in a system. Something so complex and necessary for life must have God at the wheel. Second, there must be a unique interpretation of Genesis 1 that allows for evolution. There must be an explanation for the different days and what "day" means in the historical Hebrew - probably "age" or "era". One must also have an explanation for birds and sea creatures formed on a day different than land animals and humans. Third, one must explain why humans, being the best of creation, being "very good", were formed out of other animals. Further, why did man seemingly come from apes, but Eve is described to have come from the rib of Adam? Perhaps such questions have answers than a believing Christian could espouse.

2. "Identify what makes a Christian view of God as Creator different from Jewish or Islamic perspectives on God as Creator."

There are two main characteristics that differ between the Christian view of God as Creator and the other Abrahamic faiths. First, God calls the creation "good". This is true in the Jewish tradition as well. However, the other Abrahamic faiths lose sight of God the Creator as Good. First and foremost, the Christian God is Good and desires His Creation to be good as well. Although it is created good, the fall of man takes creation from good to sinful. At this point, the Christian God is the only One who desires to reconcile creation to Himself; the other faiths don't emphasize the pursuit of God to redeem the creation. For example, in the Jewish faith, believers awaited the coming Messiah, who would conquer the world by the sword and reign supreme over all creation. There is no emphasis on the goodness of creation. Second, the Christian God as Creator has a plan for New Creation. Although this is touched on in Hebrew literature, modern Jews don't focus on a new heaven and a new earth. Similarly, Muslims solely attempt to go to paradise. The Christian view is the only that says the Creator God will bring about a new creation, and this is fundamental in Christian tradition. There is of course the resurrected Christ, as well as the emphasis of the elect reigning with Christ on the new earth. Thus, the Christian Creator God is One who cares so much of the goodness of creation that when sin corrupts it, He causes the world to perish so that it can be reborn in Christ. "Old things have passed away; behold, all things become new."


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