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Post by Jacob Gulka on Wed Oct 17, 2018 3:57 am

1) Can someone be a sincere Christian and believe in evolution?

Firstly, what is a sincere Christian?  I believe a sincere Christian is one who chooses to submit their all to Jesus as Lord of all.  Who has been reconciled to God and pursues Him with all their heart and soul and might (Matthew 22:37) and makes God’s love known through their love for others (v. 38).  Someone of this sort would believe the Old and New Testament as God’s authoritative Word.  This means that the principles outlined throughout scripture coordinate their identity and actions, telling them who God is and what creation is in light of Him.  
Now the Bible’s narratives all outline certain attributes of God’s nature and who we are as human beings.  Now concerning evolution (at least human evolution), if the first eleven chapters of Genesis are considered historical accounts then evolution cannot be considered part of human history since Genesis outlines humans being descended from two people as opposed to apelike ancestors, unless the bible’s account is false.   An honest Christian could not believe in the invalidity of the bible.
I personally believe a Christian’s belief in evolution isn’t a direct hatred of God, but I do believe that it is inconsistent with orthodox and scriptural views of creation.  I believe that in reading Genesis one should primarily be concerned with understanding God as opposed to just creation.  Both are important, but we should learn who God is in how He creates and desire how to
commune with Him.  You can be a sincere Christian, but evolution must be what you're least concerned about.  

2) Why is revelation necessary?

Revelation, or revealing, is necessary in any type of communication of the unknown.  In the case of the Gospel it is God’s revelation of Himself to mankind.  Revelation from God is important for truly establishing truth.  Consider the countless religions of the world.  All theistic religions claim a certain deity or deities with a specific set of traits.  How can we be sure of which creed is true?  I would logically conclude that for us to know who God is that He must expose Himself to us.  It would be ridiculous for us to pretend we can know someone completely by just sitting and thinking about their nature everyday.  You can either encounter the person and relate and learn from them, or vice versa.  
However, human beings can seem limited.  How can we ascend beyond creation to encounter God? Aren’t we part of creation.  So it would seem that God would have to descend to reveal Himself to us.  Hence revelation is absolutely necessary for the knowledge of God for mankind.
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