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Post by Marie Hugershoff on Mon Oct 15, 2018 7:42 pm

1.Can someone be a sincere Christian and believe in evolution?
- I think someone can be a sincere Christian and believe in evolution. I think it is important to remember that as humans we will never be able to full understand a lot about how God works, and this includes the creation of the world. A sincere Christian would believe, as Bird says, that God is the author of creation, and that the goal of creation was to glorify Him. Believing in evolution does not negate the fact that God is in charge of it all. I don't think it is correct to believe either that the creation of the world happened exactly that way that scripture says, or that evolution, the way scientists explain it, is the way that the earth was created. The story of creation could very easily be more of a metaphor for how God created the world, than a step by step guide, or it could have been written the way that it was because back when it was written people would not understand the "science" aspects of creation. I do think that some parts of evolution have to be true because of all of the proof that has been found, but of course God is the creator of what is true about evolution. So the important part of being a "sincere" christian is believing that God is the creator, and the logistics of how he created are extra.

2.What does nature tell us about God? What is the limitation of nature for the knowledge of God?
- As Bird writes in Evangelical Theology, one of the ways that God reveals himself is through nature. I think everyone has had a time when they have looked up at the stars and been overwhelmed by the infiniteness of space, or have been in awe of the vastness of the ocean and the grandness of mountains. People who know God as the creator, can see aspects of God reflected in what He has created. Nature reveals to us God's mightiness, His goodness and His divinity. One of the limitations of nature, is that only people who have relationship with God can truly understand how nature reflects God. Another limitation is that we are unable to get a full picture of who God is. There are things that nature can not reveal about God, so it is important to also look to scripture to know more about who God is. Another important limitation that Bird mentions is that you are not able to understand God's plan for salvation through nature. Nature leaves out the redeeming aspect of God which is so important to understand when trying to know God.  So although nature tells us so many amazing things about God, it will never be able to tell us everything we need to know about God.
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