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Building a Discipling Culture Reflection Empty Building a Discipling Culture Reflection

Post by Jessica Rodriguez on Wed Oct 03, 2018 3:12 pm

I agree with Breen in that I really do see many churches in the U.S. that are so focused on building the church, but it hit me when he stated that the church is rarely mentioned by Jesus. The only two times Jesus mentions the church is in the context of conflict resolution and with the statement that Jesus will build His church. He never commands us to build His church, but He does command us to make disciples. We don’t have to worry about the numbers of our church, but Jesus does care about the number of disciples we are pouring into. Family on mission, the example of Jesus’ ministry, is exactly what people in my generation and the future generation is looking for and that is a cause for great confidence. The example of the horse whisperer was very enlightening for me. The true leader fluctuates between challenge and vulnerability, yet, contrary to the world’s view, the position of vulnerability is powerful. I desire to understand this balance between challenge and invitation better. Currently I think I am growing a lot in being a vulnerable leader, but not as much in being a challenging leader. On another note, I struggle with making my life accessible to those I am discipling in the way Breen describes it. I want it to be a part of my discipleship, because I do realize that the apprenticeship aspect of discipleship is slightly lacking with my disciples.
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