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Kevin Stockmann: Leadership Reflection Empty Kevin Stockmann: Leadership Reflection

Post by stockmannk on Wed Oct 03, 2018 6:31 am

I think that people often think of discipling as either a very religious word that isn't really accomplished, or they seem to think that many things consist of discipling. While discipling is something I find can and should be done in normal everyday activities such as grocery shopping and eating together, I think that there are many things that discipling is not. Growing church numbers and having a lot of people at your small group meetings is not discipling. the Disciple I and Disciple II classes are not necessarily discipling. But I think that discipling is the most important thing we can do (as Jesus would obviously agree), and yet I think we focus too often on the wrong things. We prefer easier more visible indicators of health such as numbers at events and tithing amounts. This is incorrect, and Chi Alpha has on grown my passion for this side of the issue. The church is best built on a family of disciples who make disciples, even if that's not a focus we often see at churches.

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