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Post by Marlou Peters on Wed Oct 03, 2018 4:57 am

This book was very easy to read and also very interesting. Discipleship is so important. It is the heartbeat of Chi Alpha! I never thought about Church not really making disciples and is more inward focused and the more I read the clearer that became. The book talked about different ways that we learn. We learn by 1 lecture/ passing on information, 2 apprenticeships and 3 immersions. I think the books explained that really well. We need all three to be successful. We can’t have one or the other. If we have too much information then it is in all of our heads but we don’t know how to apply it. Apprenticeship is important too. “If you want to learn how to do this, you’re going to need someone to show you how to do it”. Then immersion works only when people are actually fluent. These three are very important and everyone learns differently but all 3 are important and having information leads to apprenticeship and then lead to immersion.

When I came to the USA I had some information about the USA. I had English in school and knew a little bit about the culture but once I came here I needed someone to show me how to cook and how to write a proper “American letter” and even where to buy stamps. Once I learned that I got immersed. It is the same as discipleship! Jesus showed his disciples what to do. Some didn’t even know how to pray and they were with Jesus! Disciples need to learn everything and we need to take them by the hand.
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