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Post by Marlou Peters on Wed Oct 03, 2018 4:09 am

If you had to pick two stories (narratives specifically, not just passages) from the Bible that best illustrate what God is like, which would you choose? Select one story from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament, then explain your choices.

In the Old Testament, I am thinking about the story where Abraham is going to sacrifice Isaac. First, God made a promise that Abraham and Sarah were going to have a son. God had them wait but then Sarah became pregnant. That shows that God is faithful. He made a promise and He kept it. Then the Lord called upon Abraham to sacrifice his own son. That he has been waiting for a long time. Abraham listens to God and was ready to sacrifice Isaac but God provided a ram that he could sacrifice instead. This shows how faithful God is. If God tells us to do something it is for something greater and here Abraham was ready to sacrifice his only son but God provided for him. God is faithful and He is a provider.

In the New Testament, I would say when Jesus died on the cross for us. That is the ultimate sacrifice but also the unconditional love. He died for our sins even when He didn’t know us yet and He knows we are all sinners and are fallen short of the glory of God. He went through all that torture while He could have saved himself and He knew people still will deny him. He still died for us so we can live. That is just amazing!

2 Select question #1, 2 or 3 from page 231 and write a response.

Describe what is the most distinguishing attribute or set of attributes describing God’s character.

God has a lot of attributes. God is forgiving, loving, generous, patient, powerful and faithful. I am sure I am missing a lot of words but these are the ones I can currently think of. God is so much more. God forgives us for all the things we have done in the past, currently do and will do in the future. He loves us so much that He send his only Son to the cross. All these attributes show how big of a heart God has and how much He cares about us. God wants us to be close to him and that’s why He doesn’t want anything to come between us and Him. God is unique, He is the one and only. No one is like Him and no one will ever be like Him.
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