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Post by Jacob Gulka on Wed Oct 03, 2018 2:12 am

I loved this reading.  Basically from realizing the genius of Jesus’ model for discipleship and its importance in Chi Alpha, that partly led me to want to give a year.  A phrase that sticks with me is the following:

“Here’s the thing that can be difficult to wrap our minds around:  If you make disciples, you always get the church.  But if you make a church, you rarely get disciples,” (p. 5).  

I love this quote because it shows how much the church misunderstood discipleship.  Churches were essentially a chain of events that got lots of hype and sign-ups, but most of the time yielded barely any devoted followers of Jesus.  Even when churches start to try to incorporate discipleship amongst their events and programs the fruit can be inhibited.  What amazed me is how the church can be produced from such a simplistic goal of reproducing and pouring into others.  As He said to “go therefore and make disciples…teaching them to observe all that I [Jesus] have commanded you,” we were meant to pour into others what’s been poured into us.  
All sorts of “programs” (which we might refer to them as) are fulfilled by simple discipleship.  As discipleship is the backbone of the church we learn to pour into others we will eventually reach people who don’t know Jesus, expressing our transformed lives to them (a.k.a. evangelism).  As we love on those whom we are pouring into individual needs (e.g. financial, emotional, etc.) are addressed and helped as well
In summary I appreciated the outlining of Jesus commands:

“Jesus has not called you to build his church….he will build his church…our job is to make disciples,,” (p. 6).
Jacob Gulka
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