Leadership Reflection: Katie Averitt

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Leadership Reflection: Katie Averitt Empty Leadership Reflection: Katie Averitt

Post by Katie A on Tue Oct 02, 2018 10:42 pm

Mike Breen's book, “Building A Discipling Culture,” has been an enjoyable in fairly easy read for me due to the fact that much of the principles discussed in his book have been a reality for me throughout the course of my collegiate career. Breen’s main claim in section one is that building a church does not make disciples- only making disciples can help build a church. He then proceeds describe what it takes to make disciples. He mentions later that disciples are created within the texture of family. It is through the process of doing life with people that they are able to both intentionally and organically see the Gospel in your life and learn to adopt it into theirs. Breen mentions that if someone wants to be a disciple, they should find someone who’s life models Jesus and hang out with them a bunch because that is what real disciples did. Jesus’ relationship with his disciples so perfectly draws an outline for how we should create discipleship in our own lives. Because at least 80% of people were involved in farming, Jesus—the majestic king and creator of the universe—humbled himself and came to us, using language and living his life in a way that is easy for us to understand. Likewise, we are to humble ourselves—no, die to our selves—just as Jesus did in order to meet people where they are at and do life with them in such a way that leads to discipleship.
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