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Post by Jessica Rodriguez on Wed Sep 12, 2018 2:24 pm

"Is it possible to do good evangelical theology armed with nothing more than a Bible and a concordance? Why or why not?"

No, it is not possible to do good evangelical theology this way. One reason, is that if one ignores tradition and centuries of theological debates that have concluded certain things, one might end up reinventing the wheel, when one could benefit from the wealth of knowledge of those before him and build on it. Using only the Bible and a concordance may also lead to making a list of propositions of what God says in Scripture, rather than engaging with what and how God says such things and how God reveals Himself in Scripture. This method of using the Bible without tradition, natural revelation, experience, and culture will end up with a shallow and ignorant theology. The purpose of doing theology is to grow closer to God, to know Him better and to be further transformed by Him. Without natural revelation and experience, theology could possibly be reduced to propositions and rules which might lead one to think that they alone have the right theology. Our experience with God and natural revelation with Him, as well as what is in tradition will keep us humble in our theological beliefs.
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