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Post by Katie A on Thu Aug 30, 2018 5:09 am

Question #6: How do you think theology will impact your discipleship, ministry, and beliefs?

Answer: Let me first preface my answer to this question by saying that I am basing my response through the lens of evangelical theology, though it is not specified as evangelical" theology in the original question. The word "evangel" means "the Christian Gospel," therefore evangelical theology is a study of the nature of God based off of the Christian Gospel. It is my belief that through studying the nature of God through a Gospel lens, the information that I gather will be powerful enough to radically change the way that I live and view the world.
In the words of Michael F. Bird, "The goal of evangelical theology is that we would be gospel-ized." For when we are "gospel-ized", when we learn theology through a gospel lens, we begin to reflect the realities of the gospel in our lives, which would include what we glean from others in the discipleship process, what we say to people when ministering to them, and how we tend to view God and our relationship with Him. It is my hope, that through the study of evangelical theology, I grow in my understanding of the gospel and ultimately grow in my understanding of God and grow deeper in love with Him.
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