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Post by Carson Bledsoe on Mon Apr 15, 2019 6:00 pm

The simple answer: yes.

The more in depth answer: I believe Chi Alpha is a church because while in some ways it operates differently and is for a specific people group(college aged) it resembles the early and modern churches in almost every way. Most importantly, Chi Alpha is a body of believers that are committed to living together and striving towards Christ. Like modern churches, Chi Alpha groups meet weekly, have baptism services, take communion together, and have outreach events to reach lost people in their sphere of influences. Chi Alpha, just like the early church and many but unfortunately not all modern churches is very missions and evangelically(in terms of spreading the good news) oriented. Where Chi Alpha and other churches mainly differ is perhaps where their biggest outreach focus is/who they are most focused on discipling. Modern and early churches focus on making disciples of all ages in their local communities. Chi Alpha is focused on making disciples of college students, because these college students make up the majority of the population in their local community. It is also important to consider that there are many churches in America that do not meet in buildings they own but in rented space or space that is loaned to them for specific times throughout the week, just as Chi Alpha rents or uses space that is loaned to them throughout the week. I do believe that students should be involved with a local church( one who is discipling people of all ages) so that once a student leaves college they know how to find a new church and integrate into it. My reasoning for this is purely pragmatic.
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