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Post by Bethany Hutson on Mon Apr 08, 2019 10:57 pm

1. Is Chi Alpha a church? Should a student be involved in a local church on Sunday mornings in addition to their involvement in Chi Alpha? Are your reasons more pragmatic or theological?

There are multiple ways you could look at this question. If you think of Chi Alpha as a body of Christ, then yes, it is a church. It functions similar to how a church would function with services, core groups, and various aspects of discipleship. I also think that students should be involved in both a local church and also in Chi Alpha because they can learn and gain knowledge from other Christians who are older and have more experience. When they are involved with a church then when they graduate and move away from Chi Alpha, then they have a community they are involved in too. It also teaches them ways they can serve in the church and also how to stay connected. It’s important to have multiple people from various walks of life pouring into you. I think my reasons are more pragmatic and involve practical reasons and personal opinions. It is important to note that God moves in mighty ways whether we call Chi Alpha a church or not.
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