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Post by hstrelow on Tue Apr 02, 2019 7:42 pm

1. Is Chi Alpha a church? Should a student be involved in a local church on Sunday mornings in addition to their involvement in Chi Alpha? Are your
reasons more pragmatic or theological?

I believe the answer is yes in one sense, and no in another sense. In one sense, I think Chi Alpha is a church. Reflecting on Bird's definition of a church, they are a collection of people who are centered on the Gospel in a holistic way. Chi Alpha is a Gospel-centered church. They preach the Gospel every week, seek to bring the Gospel relationally into community, and long to share the Gospel with the lost by making disciples. Biblically, Chi Alpha is quite similar to the early church. We meet regularly, break bread together, pray together, and preach the Good News. This to me is a church.

On the other hand, we know a church is not a building where meetings are held and the Bible is read. The church is a body of believers whose aim is to love God and know God. The church is the Bride of Christ. I think it would be foolish to assume that everyone who walks into a church building is a part of the Bride of Christ. Does that make them any less a church? Should we look at the church in such a small way as to ask whether or not Chi Alpha is a church? Would a better question be to ask whether or not Chi Alpha reflects the Kingdom (or the Bride)? I honestly don't know, and I may be making the question more complicated. I digress.

I think someone could only go to a Chi Alpha service each week, not go to Sunday morning service, and still be a part of the church. This is no different than a middle-aged man who attends his local Sunday morning church once a week. I just don't know why someone would want to limit their church experience to once a week! When I move to Ohio, Sunday morning will not be enough. I want to be as involved with the body of Christ (the church) as possible. I want to surround myself with the people and mission of the church. I would encourage someone to attend both service and Sunday morning, but it is of no grave concern if they choose one over the other.

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