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Post by Caleb Nally on Mon Mar 25, 2019 10:08 pm

1. On my missions trip that I took I witnessed total depravity in the groups that we were reaching out to. We were able to be exposed to the evil of sex trafficking. How women were essentially stripped from their worth and seen as an object to satisfy a need. We see just how depraved culture can be. I also witness the image of God in humanity through our emotions. What makes humanity so special is our ability to feel a certain way and show empathy towards each other. I believe this represents the image of God well in the sense that He too shares emotions with us and wants to be able to feel with us.

2. How does a Christian view of the image of God impact our understanding of human rights?

I think an important place to start when talking about humanity being made in the image of God is in Genesis. We see in the beginning of Genesis that God created plants and animals according to their kinds. (Genesis 1:11, 24) But when God created humans there was no separating into different kinds because there is only one kind of human being. That kind being the one made in the image of God. The imago Dei is prior to any ethnic, racial, or national divisions which calls racism and national superiority into question as being false. All people deserve to be treated justly because all people were created in the image of God. But the view of the imago Dei can’t just stop at honoring God by respecting His image on earth. We are called to act. When we were created in the image of God that gave us dominion over the creation. In Genesis 1:26-28 humanity is seen as representatives of God in ruling over the earth. The way we see God exercise his power for the benefit of his creatures provides a very powerful model for the human exercise of power and serving others.
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