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Post by Jessica Rodriguez on Wed Feb 27, 2019 2:35 pm

What do you think was Bird’s strongest point in his explanation of “baptism in the Spirit”? What was Anderson’s strongest point?
I think Bird's strongest point in explaining "baptism in the Spirit" was that the word "baptism" itself is an initiation metaphor. Just as water baptism is a rite of passage for entry into the church, so Holy Spirit baptism is a rite of passage for entry into Christianity. Baptism is always associated with beginnings in the New Testament. Along with this, his point that being filled with the Holy Spirit can be a repeated experience and is secondary helps to strengthen the first point that baptism in the Spirit is something that happens at the beginning of a Christian life, at conversion.
Anderson's strongest point in his explanation was that baptism in the holy spirit is something that gives MORE power, MORE passion, MORE fullness, MORE life, etc. Justification, the Word, fasting and praying, community, water baptism, sanctification, suffering, and ministry can all be done without the baptism in the Holy Spirit, but in a dying world, why would we not seek all of the power that God wants to give us?

Select a question from page 648 and write a response.
#3. Do you think we should worship the Holy Spirit?
Yes, I do think we should worship the Holy Spirit. If God is truly Triune, one God with three persons, then why would we not worship the Holy Spirit alongside the Father and the Son? They are separate, yet all equally God. The Holy Spirit is not an impersonal force that just works between the Father and Son and smooths everything along. The Holy Spirit was there raising Jesus from the dead along with the Father. The Holy Spirit was there hovering over the waters at creation, bringing into fruition all that the Father spoke with Jesus. I don't think we should worship any one of the Godhead in isolation, but I also don't think we should leave out God if God is Holy Spirit and Father and Son.
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