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Post by ryanelliff on Wed Jan 09, 2019 5:52 am

1. The New Testament gives us many ways to understand the significance of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Choose one model of the atonement that you have not used before. Summarize how you could share the gospel on campus using that model.

Reading about these different ways to describe what the cross accomplished was very enlightening. Turns out I have unknowingly used several of the models of the atonement when previously discussing Jesus' death and resurrection. One of the ones that I haven't used is the model of recapitulation. Partly because that's a really big word that I didn't know until reading this book, but mainly because I have thought to compare Jesus to Adam in the sense that they are both "Sons of God", but not necessarily in the sense of the death and resurrection. I can imagine it being very helpful to compare the two as being similar, but Jesus being perfect, sinless and completely obedient until His death on the cross. Even a non-believer would admit that Adam really messed up and being able to show that Jesus conquered sin is a great way to draw a picture of who Jesus is.

5. Describe the necessity of the resurrection for salvation.

As Bird points out when discussing the necessity of Jesus' resurrection for salvation, I too have long thought that Jesus' death was the act that gave us access to salvation. However, I understand now that it was not His death alone, but also His resurrection! Bird states, "Jesus is justified by God, and because we are united to him in his resurrection, we share in that verdict of justification"!!! Not only did Jesus conquer death in his resurrection, but he also gave us new life! God's love for us is clearly revealed in these events.

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