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Post by stockmannk on Wed Jan 09, 2019 5:03 am

Truthfully, the book "Communicating for a Change" isn't entirely relevant in my life yet. But that doesn't mean that I can't implement it. There weren't many chapters in the book that didn't get the wheels of my mind turning and my head nodding. It made so much sense, even if his answers to almost everything consisted of "presentation" or "pick one point". I really think he's on to something, this reminds me of some of the persuasion classes that I took at college. Having a central point that ties everything together, one theme and one idea is so simple that you almost overlook it.

Some things that stood out to me the most were his idea of "How would you communicate this message if your 18 year old son had made up his mind to walk away from everything you have taught him morally, ethically and theologically, unless he had a compelling reason not to?" and that if solid Christians are coming out of church and eating/hanging out afterwards and the message never comes up, you did something wrong. Also helpful was his idea that you should focus on presentation over information, even though it seems like he almost goes overboard with this idea. It doesn't quite seem like a John Crist sketch, but almost ( I kid, I get his point.

This honestly made me think a lot about the public speaking I do now, leading lessons in core group and doing announcements at the tail end of our worship service. Some of these points are general and very applicable to public speaking in general. Communicating only what they need to know and making things stick with concise and memorable statements seem to be great ways to improve ones speaking. My heart burst a little bit when he talked about not just teaching the bible to people or teaching people about the bible, but instead preaching to change lives. I really want to do that, that's the entire reason I signed on with Chi Alpha. And this book made me want to work even harder to attain those goals.

I look forward to preaching later this semester and using some of these ideas!

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