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Post by ZachAmick on Sun Dec 23, 2018 12:37 am

1.The New Testament gives us many ways to understand the significance of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Choose one model of the atonement that you have not used before. Summarize how you could share the gospel on campus using that model.

Bird offers many different models of the atonement and provides some commentary on each of them. I believe that they all hold at least some truth, but none of them alone are sufficient enough to explain the power and the mystery of the cross. I think the Bird does a good job at showing how making too much of one model can cause issues and I find it particularly interesting that he points out the historical and cultural backgrounds that led to many of these models. Every person comes to the gospel with a unique perspective that is dictated by cultural, geographical, and historical backgrounds. For an American student who struggles with telling the truth and is currently suffering the consequences of his poor choices the penal substitution model is a good starting point, but as I have learned from experience, this is not the case for an Iranian couple who reject the oppression of Islam and as a result are weary of foreign religions. I see the model of substitution as being something that might speak more clearly to them and I am excited at the prospect of sharing the gospel with them this way. From what I have learned, they come from a culture where community is very important and it is centered around the extended family, it is also rude to be direct and if you fail to live as is expected you will bring dishonor and shame upon yourself and your community. As one who has dishonored the community it is impossible for you to restore that honor, but one of higher standing may do something on your behalf to bring restoration. There is however a problem because you cannot ask for such a thing and to do so would be rude and further increase the shame. In light of all this, it is easy to see how the substitution model would fit here.
Our sin has separated us from God and as we are we can not restore our broken relationship. This is why God sent His Son Jesus to us, to do what we could not do and bring honor and glory to the Father. Because of his obedience, God has glorified Jesus, and Jesus in turn has given that glory to us. John 17 provides a great example of how Jesus brings satisfaction and restores our honor.

2. Why was is necessary for Jesus to be born of a virgin?

It was necessary for Jesus to be born of a virgin for two reasons: He is God, He is man.

It was necessary for Jesus to be born because He had to set aside His deity and become man in every way. Scripture tells us that God cannot be tempted. Jesus was tempted. Scripture tells us that God does not sleep. Jesus slept in the stern of a boat. Scripture tells us that God does not change. Jesus went from infancy to adulthood and passed through all those awkward preteen and teenage years that we laugh about. Scripture tells us that God knows all things. Jesus learned and grew in wisdom. He had to humble himself and be born of a woman so that He could fully and totally identify with us and stand as the mediator before God on our behalf.

It is important that Jesus be God because only God can take away our sins. If He were not the divine being then I don’t think He would have been able to resist the devil and then we would be in a bit of a pickle. Let’s say that a less than divine man were somehow able to overcome all temptations, could he raise himself from the dead? Only the self-existent One who can say “I am” has the capacity to say of his own life, “I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again.” So if He were not God then we would not have a resurrected Messiah, and without Easter death would still be reigning. She must be a virgin because He must be God.

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Post by Jacob Gulka on Thu Jan 03, 2019 5:12 pm

Both splendid and insightful responses Zach!
Concerning your first response I enjoyed how you examined two different cultures in presenting the Gospel. The Cross has so many dimensions in our lives individually and in all humanity, and it could be extended that different cultures take different approaches based on their values system (e.g. values of justice, shame and honor, etc.).
Concerning your second response, would you provide more detail of why Christ’s humanity and divinity requires a virgin birth? I agree that Jesus had to be “in our shoes” to walk as a man through each of the phases of life, as well His divinity to take away our sins and mediate. However, one thought I would give is why is the virgin birth necessary? If Christ were to be human would He have to go through a similar birth as us? Or how directly related is Jesus’ sinless nature with the virgin birth? I think it is a helpful consideration, as Bird mentions that this event only occurs in two out of the Four Gospels (p. 370).
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