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Post by S.h.ave on Sat Dec 15, 2018 12:36 am

1.The New Testament gives us many ways to understand the significance of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Choose one model of the atonement that you have not used before. Summarize how you could share the gospel on campus using that model. .
2.Select a question from page 487 and write a response.

1. One model of the atonement that I have not used before is “Satisfaction”, used by Anselm. In this view, sin is recognized as an insult to God, as a type of feudal lord. It is as if our sin hurts the name and reputation of God. The good news, however, is that although we could never pay God enough honor, Jesus came as a man to pay honor to God that we all owe by his death. His death fully paid our debt of honor, and now we can approach God with confidence, knowing that in Christ, we pay the fullest amount of honor due to God.

I can see this view of the gospel being effective among international students, especially students from China. In the eastern familial systems, honoring the family is the most important job of a child. If a child dishonors the family, they would be punished, perhaps even written off by their family. A person in this system knows that it is not all about them; they are part of a bigger circle of family. The gospel to this person would be that even though you are not perfect and dishonor God’s name, Jesus came to pay the utmost honor to God, and through the death of Christ, you are invited into his perfection. You don’t have to face the guilt of dishonoring the family name.

2. “Why was it necessary for Jesus to be born of a virgin?”
In short, Jesus needed to be born of a virgin to be fully human and yet fully divine. If Jesus were born of a woman who wasn’t a virgin, then it wouldn’t necessitate a miraculous birth. This indicates that the birth could have been a natural one. It then follows that Jesus, being fully man, would one day ‘become’ God. This desecrates the idea that the Son is eternal and “eternally begotten by the Father.” As such, it is reminiscent of previous theological issues that were resolved.

If Jesus were not born by a woman, then He would not have been human. Then, Jesus would not have identified with us in all of our suffering, temptations, or been a good mediator between us and God. He simply would have been God come down to Earth. However, his human nature makes valid his death on the cross as a propitiation for our sins. We needed Jesus to be both fully man and fully God. So, it was necessary for Jesus to be born of a virgin.

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Post by cjgalyen on Wed Jan 09, 2019 6:45 am

Stephen, I liked both of your responses and I thought they were very interesting and insightful. First, I liked the comparison to the honoring mentality for God that Jesus takes upon Himself with the honoring of family in eastern culture. I think something that we miss in Western culture is this deep understanding of family honor and integrity that is evident in those cultures and in Biblical culture as well (something that is talked alot about in the story of the Prodigal Son). It brings a new perspective to Christ's atonement. Second, I was interested in your take on the virgin birth. I agree that Jesus' birth being miraculous is a huge part in proving that He is the chosen Messiah and the Son of God. My question is does being born of a virgin necessarily required in Jesus being both truly man and divine? Could God have worked outside of a virgin birth? The reason I ask is because Bird hit on this some in the book, plus it seems like no source outside of the Christmas story in Matthew and Luke and the Apostles Creed really hits on the virgin birth (sources like the Pauline epistles, the Gospels of Mark and John, and the other epistles).

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